Grow your business confidently with a defined purpose.

Liberate your teams’ potential, empowering them and your business to realize its optimum potential and performance.

CDS is a coaching and consulting firm specializing in business and team transition. CDS bring clarity to your many business challenges in a clear and concise manner and infuse energy into your goals and your business that stimulates progress and growth.

No-one can achieve success alone. CDS is here to help accelerate your success. CDS encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to delve deep into their business and implement proven best-practice systems, strategies and actions that will help grow the company.

Coaching: The Key to Success

We provide the key to unlocking your true potential utilizing our years of business experience and knowledge.

Are you new to business or a seasoned professional? Are you stuck and don’t know what’s holding you back? Is it Go or Grow time? CDS understands we all need support and encouragement to move us through those times of challenges or difficult decisions.

Our coaching methods are a combination of business coaching and leadership development mixed with business consulting. Our program creates greater clarity, confidence, impact, profit, and growth. We will move you forward more quickly and easily, in a way that works for you.

Leadership & Talent Development

CDS’s programs are built to be a partnership to achieve the shared outcomes for your business.

CDS’s goal is to help you grow your business in a way that is sustainable and focused.

CDS’s program helps you uncover your why, set your goals, build the strategy with an action plan all the while keeping you fiercely focused on achievement.  CDS works with you to spend more time in the right areas of your business along with building a strong team that supports each other to have the greatest impact.

Knowing yourself and then gaining a greater understanding of your team members helps you build a strong foundation to support your growth potential.

Create, Enhance, Implement, and Execute Proven Success Habits.

Every organization is unique unto itself and every executive or CEO wants the same thing: Results.

Your Workplace Culture – What does it say?

Watch our video to learn more on how Corporate Designed Solutions can work for you.

Goals are the desired results we envision, plan, and commit to achieve.

They are created with vision, innovation, and determination.

Setting goals is knowing your purpose.

Planning goals involves strategy and vision.

Achieving goals requires focus, diligence, and effort.